Please please pleases like my entry for the Whittard Of Chelsea competition! Todays the last entry day before 6 entries are shortlisted!

I would really appreaciate it! It only takes a second :)

Just click the link and like the picture! :)

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Dyed my hair green again, yaaaay
Also going to London this evening for the weekend for New Designers exhibition, should be good! 
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Made a Tour de France poster! With the wheels as the Yorkshire rose as thats where its starting off, here in LEEDS! Woo
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My submission for @capturedtracks #sketchymac competition #macdemarco #drawing
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would really really appreciate if you could like my entry into a competition I’ve entered! All ya gotta do is like the picture on facebook! It would take 1 second, :)

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Can't Do Without You by Caribou
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My hair is finally ginger, and it is awesome

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